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Category: Fitness

Muscle Cramps and Cycling – 4

Electrolytes and Nutrients involved in Muscle Cramps Nitric Oxide Recent research suggests that a component of muscle cramps may be related to nitric oxide which dilates blood vessels and much more. Nitric oxide is abundant in...

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Muscle Cramps and Cycling – 3

Muscle Cramps and Cycling Pros vs. the Joes Everyone develops cramps at some point. So why do the pros cramp less than the amateurs? It may seem obvious, they receive bottles from the car and massages, but there’s more to the...

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Muscle Cramps and Cycling – 2

The leading ideas about the cause of cramps revolve around dehydration, electrolytes, and nerves. The Dehydration Proposal You just need more fluids, but studies have shown that athletes who cramped or did not, had zero...

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Muscle Cramps and Cycling

First come the little pangs and twinges, followed by involuntary twitches, then 20 minutes later full blown jerking muscle contractions as if you were sprinting, but you are not. Your muscles balled tightly in knots. An eternity...

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