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Cycling Past 50 and Beyond

Cycling and Beyond 50 The conversation among cyclists often goes like this: The older cyclist says to the younger one, I got into cycling in my 20’s, I still like it in my 40’s, and I strangely suspect I’ll still like it into my...

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4 Jours De Dunkerque Stage 2

Saint Quentin to Saint Quentin, 160km Today’s race started very calm given the circumstances of yesterday. Just to recap, Ag2r La Mondiale rider Stijn Vandenburg was involved in a crash that left him unconscious and heroic...

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Why We Get Fat – Post 10

Why Heart Healthy Quaker Oats are not a good idea For years, Quaker oats has told us on their bottles that oats and oatmeal is a heart healthy food and that we should consume it each day for breakfast. Quaker Oatmeal...

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La Cave de Mougins

This is mostly a fitness and health website, but after visiting this place I couldn’t help posting this need find in France. La Cave de Mougins is a place we visited with a good friend of mine, world tour cyclist David...

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