My latest podcast on “The Food For Thought Podcast” with Dr. Larry Weiss and Peter Defty on the subject of the skin microbiome.

Why you should listen

Nitrosamonas Eutropha are bacteria that exist on all of our skin naturally. They eat the urea from sweat and produce a vasodilating substance called nitric oxide. Optimization of nitric oxide counts for up to 30% of our thermoregulation in the heat. The problem is that we no longer have an optimized skin biome due to modern society. Learn how to restore your skin microbiome, why it is good for you, why it might help your acne and heart disease, and how easy it is to do.

Another groundbreaking podcast from the leaders in fat adapted performance. For the past 20 months OFM has been developing and implementing the inoculation of Nitrosamonas eutropha bacteria for a number of natural fat adapted performance enhancements. These include, but are not limited to, improved vasodilation and thermoregulation; two factors which are critical to performance.

This past spring and summer elite athletes Jeff Browning and Romain Bardet inoculated themselves and raced successfully at the highest levels of their respective sports. Jeff raced to 3rd overall at Western States 100 then turned around 19 days later to finish 4th overall at the Hardrock 100 setting a new WS/HR combined time record. 7 weeks later he continued his performance with a 4th overall finish at Run Rabbit Run 100.  Romain Bardet became a hero in France after winning Stage 19 and 2nd overall at the Tour de France.
Learn how restoring our dermal biome with this critical ammonia oxidizing bacteria is key to health and performance with AO Biome Chief Medical Officer Dr. Larry Weiss MD/PhD. In the process take advantage of a special 25% off your purchase of Mother Dirt to get started. Coupon Code: VESPA25