Villa Carlos Paz to Rosario

This is the last stage of this years Dakar, hard to believe its already done. But there has been so much action in this years Dakar. And Red Bull KTM rider Toby Price is the first Australian to win the Dakar Rally. This is really a great thing and hopefully will his win will resonate into Australia and other parts of the world.

Stephane Peterhansel won his 12th Dakar title. Not many words needed for that one!


I really hoped that you enjoyed the posts as much as I did following the results and writing about them. Sound like I will be going next year if all goes as planned. So not sure I will be able to do much writing, but we’ll see!

Thank you

Doc Edwards




Here’s an excerpt from my Chasing Dakar Book that pretty much sums up the mystique of the Dakar Rally:

Dakar, the final stop for the Dakar rally, is a land rich in African culture; privileged only to those who have completed the journey.  Dakar represents a monumental feeling of accomplishment to the competitors, similar to climbing Mount Everest.  Perhaps the ultimate in adventure riding, the Dakar rally changes the person forever.  Likewise, the joy of adventure riding changes the person; and is the reason each of us yearn to explore the ends of the earth on a motorcycle.  Adventure riding truly is a part of the human spirit, and the personality of the Dakar rally is a living example.  One time a year, the competitors totally put aside their artificial modern lives, and exist face to face with humanity staring directly into their souls; it is in the Dakar rally where the will and the spirit are forever challenged.  The joy, pain, and humility are revealed in each person, for it is the face of Africa.

The aim of this book is to give you a practical and holistic approach to rally and adventure off road enthusiasts.  One of the major goals of this book is answering the question of why we yearn to ride and explore the ends of earth on a motorcycle is. We hope to provide a road map from those who have gone before us and the tools you will need to complete this journey successively.  In addition, by teaching basic and advanced skills of adventure and rally riding, you will come away with the knowledge necessary to improve your experiences.

We hope this is an entry into an almost spiritual experience for those longing for accomplishment and at the same time come away with some the skills necessary to experience the world of off-road adventure riding in its most purest and passionate form.

Some basic rules in life taken from various rally and adventure rides that helps define the attitude necessary to achieve greatness in adventure riding; the following have been modified somewhat to apply to adventure riding.