Lab Testing Provides More Powerful ‘Before and After’ Stories

The true indicator of optimization is how you really feel after changing how you do things. The “before and after” weight-loss photos are only part of the story. Wanting to better yourself is a choice and that motivation comes from within. It’s about a story of wanting to be free.  An optimization program involves not only weight loss, but a sustainable way of living for the rest of your life.

Many dietitians, doctors and trainers say to follow a low calorie diet, and the weight comes off, for a little while. But often you are left wondering how you can sustain this way of living, and even more, get back your energy. Most types of “before and after” change are not sustainable. The loss of energy often causes the weight to come right back.

That being said, there are many excellent health and fitness professionals who design programs resulting in long-term, sustainable fat loss. Optimizing your internal lab markers is key to achieving your goals.

As a health and fitness professional, I would want you to know that my programs aren’t just about making you look good, but improving health on the inside, where it counts. When this combination is achieved, people feel free and it shows.