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Inner Peace Stress Control




Formulated with the most effective adaptogens from around the world, the Inner Peace Stress Control Formula is a completely natural herbal blend designed to re-establish your body’s natural hormonal rhythms, restore your adrenals, and strengthen the weakness that can accompany long term stress.

We all encounter stressful situations, either mild or extreme. How you handle a stressful situation depends on the state you are in at that moment. When you have a stress response, the health of your HPA axis (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis) determines how quickly you recover from stress and how fast your body returns to normal functioning.

Inner Peace is a high-quality adaptogen blend that helps balance your HPA axis so that you remain calm and clear during times of sudden or unexpected stress. It also helps with long-term and low-level stress, which can eventually wear you down.
When you use it in the form of just 2-4 capsules per day, you will find yourself able to handle stress more effectively and recover more quickly from stressful situations. The powerful and effective blend of adaptogenic herbs in Inner Peace allows your body to do just that – without any added fructose, caffeine, or any fillers and additives.


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