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Tag: Recovery

Muscle Cramps and Cycling – 6

Measuring your sweat rate and sodium loss The reason we sweat is to regulate our internal body temperatures. If you are a heavy sweater, then it behooves you to find the amount of fluid you sweat during exercise and replace the...

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Muscle Cramps and Cycling – 4

Electrolytes and Nutrients involved in Muscle Cramps Nitric Oxide Recent research suggests that a component of muscle cramps may be related to nitric oxide which dilates blood vessels and much more. Nitric oxide is abundant in...

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Muscle Cramps and Cycling – 2

The leading ideas about the cause of cramps revolve around dehydration, electrolytes, and nerves. The Dehydration Proposal You just need more fluids, but studies have shown that athletes who cramped or did not, had zero...

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