Being in medicine, you often meet very interesting people every day. I met this nice Norwegian couple who were in there 80’s and have lived in the United States for more than 20 years. What was amazing about this couple is that they only met 3 years ago (while in their 70’s). They both immigrated to the US at different times in their lives, they were raised in the same town in Norway, they went to the same school, they were born in the same hospital, and finally they met in the US. You can’t make this stuff up and it is hard to believe even when you are talking directly with them!

As I am into nutrition and especially Norwegian nutrition, because they recommend a higher fat diet, limiting carbohydrates. I asked the Norwegian woman what she remembered about her diet in Norway compared to how she eats in America. Right away, a light went off in her head. She immediately responded that in Norway, the diet is much higher in fat and non-processed foods. She recalls eating a lot of fish and cream. The breads they ate were always fresh every day, just like in France; and the grains were not processed like they are in the US. And while we were talking, you could see her making the connection of how they eat in the US, and she commented that in Norway, they eat way better than we do. Her next sentence was, “maybe this is why my husband is sick.”

The other thing that was obvious about this couple is that they were very affectionate with each other and were intimate with each other. It is no secret that one key to longevity is to keep your sexuality into your later years. The recent NYT article described elderly people in the town of Acciaroli, Italy where men and women the had “sexual energies of people in their 50’s.” They claim that it is one of the reasons they age so well. Good diet, getting old, and staying sexually active all seem like a good formula for living young.