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So to sum up the Well Formulated Ketogenic Diet (WFKD – see post 1), the marbled steak is not a problem, it is when high fatty foods are combined with starches like potatoes, that you enter a metabolic state where insulin goes up and fat is stored. When you restrict the carbs, more fat is oxidized. A ketogenic diet is a very satiating diet for most people, so if you have weight loss goals, the pounds comes off naturally when you eat WFKD a diet.  This type of diet is easier to stick to when you’re trying to restrict calories. This diet puts your body in a more stable metabolic state where blood sugar and insulin are stable.

In the fat-adapted state, the human brain is mostly running on ketones and is happy all day, versus when on a low-fat diet and the brain lacks a steady source of glucose, sending your body unhappy signals. A ketogenic diet (for most people) consists of about 40 grams of carbohydrates per day. The carbs come in defined sources of high quality carbohydrates, not refined carbs like grain. Foods like meat, eggs and cheese contain residual carbs, and the diet features a lot of non-starchy vegetables (you get 10 to 15 g of carbs). Part of the ketogenic diet is intermittent fasting and time restriction. These easily fall into place because the drive to eat is not there. The blood sugar becomes stable, and the brain is not stressed, so you don’t eat as much.

One might ask the obvious question, Why didn’t we change our path on dietary carbohydrates earlier? The answer is the suppression of information that is starting to come to light. People like Ancel Keys and others had worked very hard to silence opposing views. It’s a matter of economics for “Big Business.”  The only thing that will drive change is how the average person spends their money buying food. There have been many past examples in science where truth is buried and progress is stunted. In this way, science and truth are like a lion, there is no need to cage it, or defend it, because once it is let out, it defends itself.

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