What are some Solutions?

The human body will not allow you to become fat from eating fat and protein. It just won’t allow it. Just like your brain will not allow you to drink more water. You are asking yourself how this can be true? It is true in the same way as when you are thirsty and you are presented a case of water and you are only going to drink 1 or 2 of the bottles. When you eat protein and fat, you become satiated and do not have the desire to eat more after that. It’s the hunger centers in the brain that shut you off from eating more. Whereas carbohydrates actually override the hunger center. The calories from carbs accumulate and turn into fat.

There is a very tight genetic feedback mechanism associated with how we eat foods. Emotions play a strong role in how we perceive the value of our food. A 10-year-old child eating a snack is always an emotional event, it is never a nutritional event. It is actually the brain telling you that you need to relax, and not your body saying it needs nutrients. The fact is that water and micro-nutrients from a nutritional perspective have no endorphin releasing capacity. But carbohydrates, all sugars and starches no matter what form they exist in, will get you as high as if you were drinking a strong alcoholic drink.

The keys to changing obesity in most people are carbohydrate restriction and cognitive modification. Addiction management philosophy must be about distinguishing the data from our beliefs.

Causative agent – carbohydrates. We must stop eating these processed foods

Access to carbohydrates – the giant companies just have too big of an interest in keeping the status quo and producing refined carbohydrates foods and as cheaply as possible. As well as keeping these foods readily accessible to a vulnerable population.

Understanding what makes an individual vulnerable to addiction.

A big problem is that we have no good ways to treat children for dyslipidemia. Except that the statin companies are recommending their drugs to our children. The only way is through diet and activity. A high fat diet is a great way forward.

Most diets out there fail. The person starts the diet, loses weight, only to regain the weight back and go back to there old habits. This pattern can be seen in practically every situation where addiction exists such as smoking or drugs.

We need a little truth and reconciliation in what we think. Once we get past this, the rest comes together.

Kids do not have will power. Coca cola sponsors of the school drinking fountains. This is a problem. We have to get our kids to divorce the idea that sugar is a sponsor. Realize that many studies of low carbohydrate diets are rejected by the journals for various reasons. One being that there are no big companies sponsoring these studies because the profit is not there.

Carbs should be like alcohol, it is not a food, but a treat and to be consumed within reason. Don’t drink alcohol because you are thirsty, drink it at an event or with dinner.

You have to hate being fat more than you love carbohydrates.

Good luck and I hope that you enjoyed this series

Doc Edwards